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The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering


When my brother gave me an Osmiroid fountain pen for my 18th birthday, my life changed. Although it was many years before I found good teachers of calligraphy, that pen became my favorite writing tool, and I used it all through college and beyond to take notes in school, to write letters home, and to write out quotations by minds profound in notebooks and on broadsides. Words became my subject matter as a visual artist, and I have used them throughout my career, trying to bring visual interpretations to them through my choices of lettering styles, media and presentation. My work ranges from straightforward graphic design to painterly experiments, with artist's books becoming my dominant way of working in the last few years.

As a teacher of art for over 30 years, including a career teaching calligraphy to guilds and societies throughout the USA, Canada and beyond, I put all this experience together into the book, The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering, which I have recently revised and reissued through Bloomin Books. Here also you will see samples of my commissioned calligraphic projects.

Let me imagine your words.

Italic sample  

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