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The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering


dingbatIn 2010 the publisher of my book, The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering decided not to reprint this book. Since I was getting emails and phone calls about its availability, I decided to go it alone. Thus, the formation in 2011 of Bloomin Books, and its first publication, the revised edition of The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering. I was able to tighten up the book's design, eliminating some of the white space to add art by a few more scribes. Most importantly, the Ramsey Psalter, the 10th century manuscript on which much contemporary calligraphy instruction is based, is now a full page.

I have been a calligraphy teacher for over 30 years, sharing what I know with anyone who wants to learn to write. I began this project with Lark Books, one of the best craft publishers in America. The result, you'll see, is a beautiful book, well designed and clearly written, thanks to my art directors and editors. This go around we were able to fix a few mistakes, fill up the white space and add a number of images.


This basic text covers many aspects of lettering and calligraphy. It begins with a presentation of a number of historical scripts, with a discussion of how to make them unique and personal. A chapter on drawn letters and one on design give you more information to help with the design process. There are sixteen projects which lead you step by step through the design and the use of a variety of tools. The book includes many samples of my own work, but more importantly, it brings together the work of scribes from throughout the world to illustrate the concepts presented.

Whether your goal is to create stylish hand-lettered journal entries or one of a kind pieces of art, this book is an excellent starting point. Everything you need to know, from tools and materials to historical precedents, is here, ready to guide you through this exciting process.

The book is 192 pages, 10 x 10 inches, and was originally published by Lark Books in 2004. It is available through your local bookseller, John Neal Bookseller, Paper and Ink Arts, or you can order it directly from me. I'll ship it carefully for $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. (NC residents must add 6.75% sales tax.) If you would like it autographed, please request it.


With hundreds of illustrations, t his book presents not just the basics of letterforms, but also many ways of using them. In the beginning you'll learn about ways to vary each script; in the last part, a number of projects show various tools and materials.

Italic heights


The Ramsey Psalter, a 10th century manuscript that is the basis of much modern calligraphy instruction.


ISBN 978-0-615-46696-5

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