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Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering—Bloomin Books

Fine Calligraphy
Fine Calligraphy
Fine lettering can be used to celebrate the spirit of a poem or to invite people to a party. It can be used to honor the hard work of an individual or to adorn a greeting card. These images were created on paper, using pens and brushes with ink or paint. I choose my paper carefully, to support the intent of the author of the words, and work with fine art materials. In many cases, these pieces were commissions, and I work with my clients to best express how they feel about the words. We work together to find images that convey their ideas, and bring the text together with it to create the overall impact. Thus, these pieces truly become The Imagined Word.  
Brush cat Fairies
Indelible Object Orr Final
Wedding vows/Botanical



Paxton, portrait Corinthians/Black Letter
Yellowstone/Botanical Isaiah/capitals
Birth Haiku/book/italic Snowflake/Photoshop
Surprise/Drawn letters Artful Life

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