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A former chemical engineer, I became an artist when I decided to get serious about my career. I went back to school, and I have a BFA in printmaking and an MFA in graphic design.

Annie photo Teaching has been the most important part of my work. I have been told that I am an articulate, humorous, disciplined and generous teacher. I have taught art from the elementary school to the university level, and have been on the faculty of most of the international calligraphy conferences. I have taught workshops throughout North America, visiting thirty-five states and five Canadian provinces since 1983. In 2009, I spent a month in Japan teaching lettering and watercolor techniques for calligraphers to members of the Alpha Club and the Japan Calligraphy Network. In 2011, I was on the faculty of the Summer School in Winter conference, held in Melbourne Australia. Longer assignments include many years at Asheville's AB Tech, a few semesters at Warren Wilson College and UNCA, as well as at Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT and both the University of Montana and Montana State University.

My work can be seen in many of the Calligraphers Engagement Calendars, Modern Scribes and Lettering Artists II, the Speedball Handbook, The Handcrafted Greeting Card and Lettering Design. I recently served as the technical editor for Lark Books' Eco Books, a 2009 publication.

I have had a number of one person shows, including the installation of "The Face of Humanity," at galleries in Tennessee, Montana, Illinois and North Carolina. I exhibit as often as I can, with both calligraphic groups and book arts groups.

For information about adding my work to your collection, you can contact Priscilla Juvelis in Kennebunkport ME, for my artist's books, or visit my booth at Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville, NC for prints and paintings. I also have work available here in my studio, and of course, I'm available for commissions of your words and images.

I divide my time among teaching, graphic design work, and my first love, painting.

And yes, indeed, my initials are ABC.

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