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The study of calligraphy involves learning about the history of books, from the Egyptians and Phonecians up through the Renaissance to Gutenberg. Understanding what makes the book form such a repository of knowlege—the styles of lettering, the materials used and the structure of the book itself—has been a fascinating adventure. I've been to the libraries of Europe a number of times, and have studied the manuscript collections there.

This led me to making books of my own, using the book format, as opposed to a painting or a broadside, to express more complex ideas. Some of my books are painterly, poetic and contemporary, others are more conservative, traditional and legible. I make these books for collectors as well as by commission, and find that they are a most gratifying way for me to work. A book is more private than a piece that hangs on the wall; some of my clients prefer to share their thoughts in the book form, as it is a way to bring them out and show them to just a few special people, rather than broadcasting them.

My books are in the special collections of some notable libraries, including the Beinecke Library at Yale University, the Lilly Library at Indiana University and the University of Denver.


Baby Haiku

A commissioned book of Haiku

Baby Haiku 2

Bottle Book

Recycling of drawings inside this series...

Bottle Book cover

...and some paintings for the covers

Do/Try cover


Do Try Triangle


A meditation on my creative process with text based on the images in the painting

Night Mist

Experiments in value relationships, gouache on paper

Night Mist Cover

Ink washes on paper for the cover

Free Play 1

Free Play, a glorious chaotic ramble through the words of
Stephen Nachmanowicz

Free Play 2

Ink on paper
Private collection

Midway Title Midway 1
Midway 2 Midway 3
Midway, a book about reaching middle age. Many thoughts on aging, and living well. Mixed media. Private collection
Shahn Cover \Shahn Faces
The Education of an Artist, limited edition book, lithograph prints, bound as an edition of 20.

Wedding Vows

Commissioned book of wedding vows

Onward & Upward

Commemoration of my trip to Nepal, 2008

Tools and Toys

Tools and Toys, limited edition, ink jet prints of my drawings




In 2013, BookWorks hosted Printocracy, a weekend to celebrate printmaking, with an exhibit of work from all over the US and a day of printing large relief plates using a leased steamroller as a press. Twelve artists participated, using almost two gallons of ink and a huge roll of Rives BFK paper. Most of the plates were 3x3' square, carved in battleship linoleu or MDF. A few were larger, including one printed from a 4x8' sheet of masonite.

Alas, framing these prints is expensive and they dominate any space they are in, so I chopped one of mine up, painted and collaged all over the back side, and bound it into the book you see here. The text includes the dictionary listing of the word 'value' along with many quotations that relate to this concept, both in the design sense and in the values we have as we live our lives.

The 32 page book is bound in red leather, wtih end sheets of Lokta paper.

This book, "Pencil" began as a large drawing on a sheet of pale grey paper. While working on this, I began reading the book, Pencil, by Henry Petroski. This book tells the story of the pencil, from the discovery of plumbago, the graphite mineral that makes these marks, to the history engineering of this fundamental tool. A very tall book, the cover is a watercolor of a pencil, of course.

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