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Is it an Illustration or a Drawing?

Whether studying an object in all its exquisite detail, inventing an image of unrelated parts, or diagramming something to make it easier to understand, drawing allows me to develop and understand ideas. A drawing is an exploration of form, and what remains is a record of my looking; some drawings ask more questions than they answer. An illustration brings details into focus, answering questions about the object. Illustrations show people how something is done, or the details of its structure in order to educate. It is not an either/or situation; some of my detailed drawings ask you to think; other more abstract works make you ask questions. The examples shown here were done for myself, from loose gestural movement to focused study. There is no difference in my approach to letterforms, objects or abstract marks. Each must have significance, each it's own integrity. Recognition and legibility are important to me, but they are not the only thing I think about.



An oversize drawing of my sandals, conté on tan paper,
with lights and darks

Spirla Shell

Nautilus shell. Pencil on paper, 2006, work done
with Redenta Soprano at JCCFS, 2006


A value study from my drawing classes.
When my students are drawing well and the room is quiet,
I can't resist joining them.

Shahn faces

A page from an artist book, based on text
by Ben Shahn in his book, The Shape of Content.
Stone lithography on Rives BFK,
hand bound accordian book with painted Tyvek covers


Teapot, Bottle and Tin
Graphite on paper

Chair with drape

Light behind the Chair
Graphite on paper

Abstract alphabet

Ghost Drawing
An experimental drawing from a workshop
at Ghost Ranch
Abiqui, New Mexico
Walnut ink and watercolor on paper

Ink washes

Watch Wait
Another experiment from Ghost Ranch
Ink on paper

Beans vs. Bug

Beans versus the Bug
Colored pencil on paper, work done with Redenta Soprano
at JCCFS, 2006

Okra and Shell

A Shell and some seed pods
Graphite on paper, work done with Redenta Soprano
at JCCFS, 2012


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