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I have come to the visual arts from both sides, from Fine Art to Graphic Design. With graphic design, I work with clients to solve their problems, to create something that visually communicates the ideas they are trying to present. With fine art, I work on my own ideas, and hope to eventually find an audience for them.

This means that the media overlap, and even some of the concepts are interchangeable. For example, my MFA in Illustration is an installation, not a series of pictures. And my fine calligraphy is sometimes done for clients, which you see here, and sometimes done because of the pure joy of writing out the words, which you'll see in the fine art section of this website.

Here you'll see some of my illustrations, meaning they were done for clients with their needs in mind, logos and hand lettering projects, and some publication design.

North American Indian Tribe Map

This map shows the ranges of the North American Indian tribes before their rearrangement by European settlers. It was commissioned by a designer working with the Cherokee tribe in western North Carolina. It's one example of the ways I work with my clients to integrate word and image.


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