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Fine Hand Lettering: Logos, Titles and Tag Lines

For a company, a festival, a book jacket, a small business or just for fun, words well written become more than the sounds their letters convey. The examples you see here have been used for a variety of purposes, most notably small businesses. In spite of the thousands of fonts available to designers, my clients still turn to hand lettering because of its expressive power.

I work carefully with my clients, listening to their needs and bringing them a number of choices for their identity. In addition to camera ready digital artwork for your applications, I can help you with other graphic needs as well—cards, brochures, signage and package design.

Below you see designs in a wide variety of lettering styles. My work is primarily fluid and calligraphic, though I often do work of a more structured or typographic nature.

Let me imagine your words.

Chanukah WCQS
Spiral Fern Michaelmas
Summer Concerts WNC Fair
Energy Wildflowers
Word+Craft Vertu
CyberChique Celebration
Kalla Luna Swannanoa
Keel Cold Smoke
Summer Fall

These are real projects for real clients. Credit is due. Top to bottom, left to right: Asheville, commissioned by Jon Riley; Chanukah Lights Everywhere, commissioned by Harcourt for a book title; WCQS, Asheville's public radio station; Spiral Fern, commissioned by Redenta Soprano, botanical illustrator; Michaelmas and Summer Evenings Concerts, commissioned by the Biltmore Estate; WNC Regional Fair, a 90's version of the fair logo; Energy, comps for a water filter company; Alpine Wildflowers, commissioned by Mary Beth Percival; Calligraphy, design used by Paper & Ink Arts andin the book, Art Fundamentals, Theory and Practice; Word+Craft, CLAS sponsored exhibit at the Folk Art Center; Vertu Home, commission for an interior design shop; CyberChique, comp for a jewelry designer; Celebration, design used by a calligraphy conference; Kalla Luna, design for a dress designer; The Swannanoa Gathering, design for Warren Wilson College; Elizabeth Keel, Certified Public Accountant; Cold Smoke, book title; Four Seasons, designed for a calendar; Bloomin Books, design for my publishing company.

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