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Is It a Drawing or an Illustration?

Whether studying an object in all its exquisite detail, inventing an image of unrelated parts, or diagramming something to make it easier to understand, drawing allows me to develop and understand ideas. A drawing is an exploration of form, and what remains is a record of my looking; some drawings ask more questions than they answer. To share the structure of something with others, an illustration brings details into focus, answering questions about the object. Illustrations show people how something is done, or the details of its structure in order to educate. It is not an either/or situation; some of my detailed drawings ask you to think; other more abstract works answers your questions.

For me, an illustration has a purpose beyond my own exploration. The projects shown here were developed with the needs of clients in mind, to augment text, to show steps in a process or to honor in the style of the idea we were trying to convey.



Illustrations showing book structures, done for Eco Books,
published by Lark Books, for which I was the techical advisor.

Dunc Financial

Award for an agency whose office decor was Art Nouveau

Map Design

Map of the John C. Campbell Folk School
Originally conceived for The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering,
and continously used by the folk school to orient their students.
It undergoes constand revision as the folk school
adds new buildings.


Apache wedding certificate

Apache Wedding Blessing
The text here is written in casual scripts, dominated by the images, which were significant to the bride and groom.

Roses.Gothicized Italic

Roses adorning Wedding Anniversary Gift


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