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I have been a calligraphy teacher for many years, working with school children, seniors and everything between. I have taught beginners and advanced students, and enjoy teaching them all. In the last few years I've been teaching workshops throughout the USA and Canada for calligraphy guilds, art centers and conferences. My current schedule is listed in Workshops. I also periodically teach classes in my own studio; these are usually 8 week sessions, with students coming for a few hours or more. Private instruction is also available. I also teach drawing, watercolor and printmaking in a varity of venues. For a complete listing of the workshops I am scheduled to teach, and also a list of ones that I offer, please go to my Workshop listings.

Finding supplies for fine calligraphy has always been a challenge. Many of the fountain pens sold for calligraphy will only take you so far; indeed, they are more for handwriting than fine calligraphy. Felt tip pens are fun for making cards and addressing envelopes, but for serious work, you'll want to find some good tools. Fortunately, two well-established companies have the tools you will need, including pens, pen holders, inks of all kinds and fine papers. They also carry many reference books to keep you on track, and toys for the times when you are just doodling with your tools. For really fine work, they also carry vellums, gold leaf, burnishers and more. There is overlap between these two companies. I like to think of Paper & Ink Arts as my toy store, and John Neal Books as my book store.


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