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Since 1983 I have been teaching workshops for calligraphy guilds and at retreats and conferences throughout the United States, Canada and most recently in Japan, Spain and Australia. I have developed a wide variety of topics that I present to groups ranging from beginners to professionals.

A workshop is a chance to leave all your mundane concerns behind you—whether for a few hours or a few days—to rediscover yourself through your relationship to your own working process. I try to recreate the kind of atmosphere in which I have learned the most: an organzied, relaxed environment, a reasonable pace, a high standard of quality and a little humor. Students of calligraphy usually excel in many areas of their lives; I find it invigorating to trigger the same kind of response to calligraphy by activating a desire for excellence and then showing ways to achieve it.

In my classes I work with calligraphers, book artists and painters, as well as those working in other media who are interested in expanding their skills and vision. I have been a visual artist most of my life (even in the engineering days) and letterforms are only one part of my life. Word and image work together in much of my work, but in these classes, I separate them in order to master the idiosyncracies of each and then show the many ways to bring them together.








February 26-March 4 John C. Campbell Folk School Printmaking to Books  
March 25-26

Friends of Calligraphy, San Francisco, CA
Nancy R Noble <>

Modernizing Historical Hands: Uncial  
May 14-25 Paper Book Intensive, Saugatuck, MI
Carolingian—300 Years of Elegant Simplicity  
June 24-July 1 LetterWorks, the 36th International Calligraphy Conference, Weber State University, Ogden, UT
Combining Word & Image  
August 20-26 John C. Campbell Folk School Botanical Books, with Redenta Soprano. This popular class combines the skills and insights of botanical illustration with lettering and book design.  
September 3-8 John C. Campbell Folk School The Artist's Book, Vessel for Word and Image  




June 26-July 2 A Show of Hands 2016, 35th International Calligraphy Conference, held at Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC I was the co-director, along with Moe Hoxie. We had nearly 300 participants for a great week of classes, exhibits, vendors and community.  
August 7-13 John C. Campbell Folk School Botanical Books, with Redenta Soprano. This popular class combines the skills and insights of botanical illustration with lettering and book design.  
September 9-11 John C. Campbell Folk School Seeds to Watercolor: Begin with Flowers  
September 18-24 John C. Campbell Folk School Relief Printmaking and More  
October 8-10 La Société des Calligraphes de Montreal Romans: Pattern and Texture  
October 15-16 Mystic Calligraphers, Mystic, CT Design: Intuition & Analysis  
September 15– November 7 UNCA, Asheville, NC College for Seniors Hand Lettering and Calligraphy, an 8 week class for beginning to intermediate students.  
October 26– November 2 John C. Campbell Folk School Artist's Books: Vessel for Word and Image.  
December 3–6 John C. Campbell Folk School Painting Winter's Blooms  




January 11–16 John C. Campbell Folk School Drawing for Your Craft, a class for craftspeople to learn to design on paper and to document their work.  
June 28–July 4 John C. Campbell Folk School Botanical Books, with Redenta Soprano
This popular class combines the skills of a botanical illustrator with lettering and book design. It was sold out in 2013!
September 12 Triangle Calligraphers Guild, Raleigh, NC The Brush: From Contemporary to Classic, Backwards!  
December 6-12 John C. Campbell Folk School Writing for the Holidays: Cards and Ornaments  





January 13-19

John C. Campbell Folk School

Botanical Books, with Redenta Soprano


January 27-
February 3

John C. Campbell Folk School

Printmaking: Relief Printing and More

March 2–3

Dallas Calligraphy Society
Sherry Barber

Intense Italic  
April 7-12

John C. Campbell Folk School

Painting Spring Flowers  
April 19–20

Society of Scribes, NYC
Judy Kastin

Rescheduling of SOS Workshop, cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy
Drawing for Calligraphers
June 17–23 Ghost Ranch, Abiqui, New Mexico, 1-877-804-4678
The Artist's Book, Vessel for Word and Image
Come to the magical setting where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted for a week-long class focusing on calligraphy and the book arts.
September 8-13 John C. Campbell Folk School Finding Your Way in Drawing  
September 26–29 Orlando Scribes, Orlando, Florida
Denice Nitschke
Romans! All kinds  
Workshop Offerings:

I am currently offering the following workshops. These descriptions are fairly general, and subject matter can be tailored to fit the needs of individual groups. Sometimes parts of one workshop can be combined with another, but this will dilute the content. The length of the workshop usually determines the amount of hands on time the students will have, and I recommend that you schedule 7-9 hours per day.

I am also asked to give lectures to guilds or to other audiences, and have included a few at the end of the list below. These change frequently, however, as my research gives me more ideas to present.

With over thirty years of teaching everyone from pre-school to senior citizens, I've learned to put ideas together in many formats. Although many of the workshops listed here are sponsored by calligraphic organizations, I have also worked with colleges and retreat centers, teaching classes that are geared to visual artists in general. Please inquire about your special interests. The classes listed below are topics that I have recently taught, and they may be modified to suit the needs of your group.

Fine Arts Workshops

Drawing for the Beginner
Landscape Drawing
Portrait Drawing
Beginning Watercolor
Paintiing Watercolor Florals
Color Theory
A Watercolor Journal
Studying Trees, Keeping a Record

Alphabet Workshops

Monoline Magic
Roman Caps: Function & Beauty
Trajan Romans for the 21st Century
Proportion, Structure and Rhythm: Fundamentals of Alphabet Design
Modernizing Historical Hands, options include Uncial, Insular Scripts, Carolingian and Humanist Bookhands, Black Letter Variations, Copperplate, Johnston's Gothicized Italic, Neuland, Versals: Historical and Modern, Art Nouveau and Art Deco hands of the 20th century. (Workshop will cover one of these topics.)
Intense Italic
Carolingian, Then and Now
Alternate tools: Pointed pen, pointed brush, ruling pen or flat brush. In a weekend workshop one of these tools can be introduced, with ground work for further experimentation.

Layout and Design

Basic Techniques (reviewed in all classes)
Design: Intuition and Analysis
The Handwritten Book
Calligraphy for Reproduction, including computer applicatiions for calligraphy
Typography for the Calligrapher
Drawing for the Cowardly Calligrapher
Logo Design
Combining Word & Image

Color & Painting

Value Contrast: Exploring the Grey Areas
Color: Reason & Sense
Watercolor Techniques for Calligraphers
Developing the Calligraphic Painting
A Nature Journal (can be either painted or drawn)
Relief Printmaking and More
Painter's Books (with Carol Pallesen)
Botanical Books (with Redenta Soprano)

Book Arts

Artist's Book: Vessel for Word and Image
Watercolor and Journaling
Printmaking: Relief Printing and More


The Calligraphic Journal
Word and Image: Illuminators, Painters, Graphic Designers and Illustrators
The Face of Humanity: An Installation Regarding the Population Explosion of the Human Race
Looking at Manuscripts: Souvenirs of My European Travels.
Roman Inscriptions: Inventing a Tradition
Word & Image: Inspiration from a photograph by Shellburne Thurber, presented at Odyssey, the international calligraphy conference, 2001.

Setting up a workshop

Please contact me for more detailed information about these classes. I will gladly send you further information about my availability and rates. I have a small book that covers many of these workshops in detail, though others are newer to the list. If something here intrigues you, let me know.


Contact: Annie Cicale

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